Privacy and user behavior

SurveyTool is an online service by CHJ Internet, Beekstraat 6 3581 TR Utrecht, The Netherlands. CHJ Internet is registrated at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce un registrationnumber 30244720.

Privacy and GDPR

For creating an account on SurveyTool only al working e-mailadress is required. Premium features such as the Lay-out add-on and the Invitations add-on are available after payment. As required by Dutch taxregulations the full (company)name and adress is required for the invoice. Users will receive the invoice through e-mail.

SurveyTool will not share or sell any personal data including e-mailadresses with third parties. All data will be removed from the SurveyTool database on first request through the contactform.

User behavior

Data users gathered through created surveys remains property of the user. Users are not allowed to use SurveyTool to harm, assault or behave in any improper manner to others persons or companies. SurveyTool has the rights to close and remove any user account without first notice if such behavior is noticed. Users will not be able to claim any compensation for lost data.

To simple put it: threat people as you wish to be threated yourself and SurveyTool is happy to assist you (for free) in your projects.

CHJ Internet

Beekstraat 6

3581 TR Utrecht

The Netherlands


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