White label for businesses.

Professional surveys start with a recognisable identity. Our White label plan has all the features of OneTimeSurvey combined with the looks for matching your corporate identity. 

100% recognizability for your customers

All SurveyTools features with your corporate identity:

  • Your own domainname
  • Your logo in the dashboard and surveys
  • The company colors in the tool and surveys
  • Send out invitations with your domain name e-mailadresses.
  • 2.000 invitations per month with the Invitations module

Support on mobile devices

Recive more respons by having respondents complete their survey on their mobile.

Designed for professional surveys

  • Userfriendly dashboard design
  • All necessary questiontype are available
  • 1 day E-mail support
  • Mobile compatible for optimal respons
  • No ads of pop-ups

White Label

€ 49,- per month

and one-time € 399,- start-up costs.

All prices are excluded 21% VAT

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Corporate Identity

Your company logo and colors are added to the dashboard and surveys.

Company domain name

Use a company domainname. For example [yourcompany]-surveys.com

All Premium features

All Premium module features are available.

2.000 invitations

Send out 2.000 invitations through the Invitation module.